If our older pets could talk

If our older pets could talk there are plenty of things they would love to tell us, but 7 main things they would love for us to know are; 

  • “I can’t see as well anymore. I can’t hear as well either.” 
  • “I am a little more anxious now.” 
  • “I get cold more easily now.” 
  • “I may have the same appetite, but I can’t burn calories like I used to.” 
  • “I get confused sometimes and may forget some of our old rules.” 
  • “I need a little extra care in grooming these days.” 
  • “I can’t move as well as I used to because my joints hurt.” 

This month at Marsden Vet Surgery we are thinking of those older pets and especially how they’re feeling in these colder months. This is Miss Gemma. She visited our clinic for a general older dog check up to make sure she was healthy as well as checking how her joints were going. Animals are like us humans, as we get older we start to ache, and we definitely feel the cold a whole lot more. There are many things you can do for your pets whilst in the colder months and just in general to make them more comfortable. This could be getting them a nice comfortable bed and some supplements, like a mobility diet, to help with their joints.