Ash's Adventure

Our Veterinary Technician Ash recently returned from her holiday in Japan, where she enjoyed all the sights and experiences! She was most excited about her encounter with the Macaque Monkeys in their habitat in Arishiyama, Kyoto. It was amazing to see them in the wild, where the humans were the ones who had to go in the cages if they wanted to get up close. As you can see in her photo, she made particular friends with a mother monkey. The monkey was still nursing her baby, while she greedily enjoyed apple and peanuts offered to her by Ash and her companions.

Ash's great passion in not only cats and dogs, but all animals meant she also visited the beautiful deer park of Nara and many other nature sites. But the whole time Ash and her partner greatly missed her two cats and two dogs at home. Like she did, make sure you have a plan for your pets when away, including making sure their vaccinations and preventatives are up to date!